Our highly anticipated KWAVEGO Referral Program is finally here!

Activity time: Jun 21, 2021 – Jul 20. 2021

1. Invite friends and enjoy the KWAVE community

Invite friends who love K-Culture to http://www.KWAVE.ai to boost you up and enjoy the K-Culture community. Both you and your friends will get a reward!

How can I invite a friend?
Only one thing needed to invite your friends to the KWAVE community

1. Sign up

When the new member signing up on http://www.kwave.ai, the new member will get points immediately.


2. Invite friends

Go to your account menu in your face icon on top right of the page. You can find a menu “Invite Your Friends”. Add a friend’s email address and send invitation email to your friends. Invite your friends to the new journey of Kwave community.

3. Receive KWG 0.10

When your friend registers at https://kwave.ai, you will receive KWG 0.10.

4. Enjoy the journey of K-Culture community

Enjoy the journey of the K-Culture community, making friends, buying your vias’ goods, operating groups, and creating Forums to discuss something with your friends.


2. Community activity reward

You can mine more points in the KWAVE community. Why it is important? KWAVE Community has a marketplace where users can purchase products with their points. You can mine the points with several activities. Here are the methods.

1. Earn 5 points by reacting on any post.

2. Earn 10points by commenting any post

3. Earn 15 points by creating a new post or blog

4. Earn KWG 0.10 by introducing KWAVE.ai to your friends

**1000 points=$1.00

KWAVE User Reviews

 KWAVE is the only place I can meet K-culture lovers and get the latest news. It is my daily routine to visit KWAVE.ai.

Jenney Johnson, Your Content Goes Here

 I love posting related to my favorite actor Lee min-ho on KWAVE because I can create my own blog writing about him and even mine the points, which can be accumulated, to be used to buy his goods in the marketplace on KWAVE. It is really fun to make money while enjoying time with my vias.

Cady Smith, Your Content Goes Here

  I am using KWAVE Group for my BTS fan club meeting. We can discuss so many things in the group. When I am in KWAVE I feel like I am in my hometown with my family. Thanks for letting me know this kind of place where I can meet people who have similar favorites topics with me.

Lesa Garcia, Your Content Goes Here

  I make friends with similar interests with me on KWAVE. My favorite topic among k-cultures is Korean Food and I recently learned how to cook Budechige from one of my k-culture friends. We shared our cook by uploading our pictures and shared our experiences with each other. It was so much memorable moment on KWAVE.

Paul Smith, Your Content Goes Here

I like this communication site because I can post and share content about my favorites on KWAVE and discuss my star with friends around the world to accumulate points to buy KWG Coins I like to interact with other people and I can earn points through such activities. Some will be used to buy KWG Coins and some will be used to buy BTS goods on the KWAVE Marketplace.

Jena Norton, Your Content Goes Here

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