Turn Your Passion for Music Into Your Career




Rhythmic Structure and Drum Programming allow you to learn how beats in various genres are composed rhythmically, and how manipulating drums rhythmically will add groove and feeling to your song. Melodies, Chords, Basslines allow you to understand how scales, chords, and intervals form the basis of music composition, and learn piano basics to compose a strong melody, chord progression, and bassline.

Song Structure

Explore the most common song structure types in popular and electronic music, and learn how to apply structure to your own tracks by analyzing existing classics.

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Tension, Release, through Variation

Learn how to keep your track interesting through the use of variation, applying effective variation techniques to create tension and release.

Instrumentation and Arrangement

Learn to choose instruments according to range, timbre, and function, to best express the mood of your track, and arrange parts in a cohesive way.

Transitions and Finishing Touches

Discover how creating smooth transitions and ear candy will add final polish to your arrangement, and add finishing touches to your track.

• Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback
• Intimate class sizes (roughly 5 students) ensuring maximum student/instructor interaction
• Motivation and inspiration from experienced instructors with real industry success
• Online community forums to ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers and collaborate
• Daily free community events

Turn Your Passion for Music Into Your Career

KWAVE ENT can help you break into your dream career in music artists with unique 1-on-1 mentorship programs.

Critical Training

Individual students will take a personal critical training from experienced instructor with real industry success and their mentors.

Customized Management

The management team is in charge of busting up students’ possibilities through a variety of methods, including regular examinations, psychological counseling, stage manner studies, and mind training.

Mentor Programs

There are two layers of mentor program. The private mentor will be a person in professional singers or producers. The 2nd mentor will be an academic facilitator who provides a program coordination for your successful compliation of the program.

Our team is world famous

We built the best team in the world from the ground up


We stand by our work as the best in the business

KWAVE Entertainment has made extra efforts to ensure as far as possible that our students experience the same student life in the virtual world as they do on campus, and we are proud to offer exclusive features to our LA students. Call Us and learn to take your talent to the next level.

Our approach to Education

Private Mentor
Each student will have a private mentor in professional area.

Student Mental Health
We understand that there can be many different pressures that can affect you whilst studying, therefore it is extremely important that students feel supported during their studies at KWAVE ENT. If you feel stressed, lonely or are dealing with more long-term issues, please get in touch with The Management Team. They will contact you to determine how they can help you during your studies with us.

Hand-on Learning
Each course is hands-on learning, not college classroom learning. You will experience even feeling on the stage working with staff and producers. Stage manners, attitudes, and mind control is an additional learning scope.

2ND Mentor
Each students will have a private academic facilitator who can assist students’ course achievement.

Flexible Curriculum
Students can manage their curriculum on the online platform. They can check and modify registrations whenever they want through their laptop or smartphone in the registration period.

A recipe for Success!
All management staff is manually trained to assist students’ successful achievements. All members are ready to help with your problems, concerns, or worries on each track. Don’t be hesitate or wait for your successful goal. Let’s begin it now.