Through auditions, Kwave fosters artists within itself and selects talented individuals so that they can become a stepping stone to become an artist representing the Korean Wave. With the concept pursued by Kwave, the ultimate goal is to produce artists representing the world by targeting the global market, starting from North America, differentiated from other idols.

Monday July. 19. 2021 ~ Friday Aug. 20. 2021
Eligibility: Anyone born in 1999 or later

Audition Schedule

1) 1st round: online screening registration: July. 19. 2021 – Aug. 20. 2021
2) 1st round announcement: Aug. 23
3) 2nd round: onsite and online audition: Aug. 28 2021
4) 2nd round announcement of final successful candidates: Sep. 2021
5) Final candidates will start trainees at Kwave Entertainment.

Monday July. 19. 2021 ~ Friday Aug. 20. 2021

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Introduction file upload: 1 minute video of self PR or 1 minute performance of your choice
Vocal: First Verse ( No instrumental), Dance: Music of our choice, Acting: Free Acting, Model: 3 poses / walk (turns included)

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